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If you are planning to travel into Mexico, your regular auto insurance may not provide the full coverage you need. The Mexican government has specific rules for liability insurance. AUTO INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE wants you to be aware of these requirements when you are driving in Mexico. Why do you need additional coverage? Your regular auto insurance may not provide any coverage for driving outside the U.S. Policies that do have foreign coverage do not normally have the additional liability coverage required. You also need to know if your current policy restricts the distance you travel.

Some policies will only cover you for travel within a few miles of the border. If you become lost or lose track of your mileage you could be at risk. While the Mexican government requires foreign drivers to have liability coverage, not all Mexican residents are required to maintain this insurance. If your policy does not cover an uninsured driver you will have no recourse for compensation. If you are driving a leased vehicle, you must obtain a permit before entering Mexico.

The lender issues permits and you must show proof of sufficient coverage. Rental vehicles also require specific coverage because normal collision coverage does not extend outside the U.S. Before you travel, have an agent from Veronica’s Insurance review your coverage with you. You can face significant financial risk if you do not have adequate auto insurance in Mexico. In the event of a serious accident, you can be detained until a police investigation is completed. Veronica’s Insurance offers the best rates you need to travel to Mexico. In addition, the bi-lingual agents can help you if you encounter difficulties during your travel. Adding the extra coverage you need will allow you to enjoy your travel without legal worries.

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